AquaSoft Bordeaux : votre spécialiste régional d’adoucisseurs d’eau et d’osmoseurs

AquaSoft Bordeaux vous apporte son expertise dans le domaine du traitement de l’eau : vente et entretien d’adoucisseurs d’eau et osmoseurs.

AquaSoft Bordeaux intervient sur les départements de la Gironde (33), Dordogne (24) et Lot et Garonne (47).

Depuis 2015, AquaSoft se démarque grâce à l’excellence du matériel EcoWater qu’elle est fière de distribuer sur son secteur exclusif.

Son professionnalisme s’appuie sur le solide savoir-faire de ses collaborateurs. Certains ont plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans la vente et l’entretien d’adoucisseurs d’eau.


Une véritable découverte initiatique vous attend dans notre showroom à Bordeaux. Notre bar à eau vous permettra de tester et de goûter l’ensemble de nos solutions permettant de perfectionner votre eau.


Ghislaine de WarrenGhislaine de Warren
12:32 08 Jun 24
No problem ; Explanations given very clear and complete. Roof is fine, keep it up. THANKS
Jean Louis LebonJean Louis Lebon
20:03 05 Jun 24
Very good service, professional, pleasant welcome, appointment always on timethank you
Colette TurpaultColette Turpault
09:02 01 Jun 24
Good morningvery pleasant welcome and good follow-up. The people know what they are talking about, they know their job well…Thanks to the team..
Véronique WoirgardVéronique Woirgard
13:32 31 May 24
Franck RaynaudFranck Raynaud
16:15 28 May 24
Very good intention, speed and explanations thank you
Sarah WaltonSarah Walton
11:49 24 May 24
very efficient,polite and knowledgeable of the product and provided all necessary information
Julien LeclercJulien Leclerc
17:16 23 May 24
A top team. From Malika who advises us perfectly, through the installation or maintenance team, everything is perfect. They are also very available and attentive.
Loïc LemoineLoïc Lemoine
08:13 22 May 24
very professional and helpful
violette lansardviolette lansard
16:52 16 May 24
always so happy with our maintenance filter, very good technician to solve my little connection problem in 2 minutes thank you very much
Jean Pierre De ClercqJean Pierre De Clercq
16:28 14 May 24
Always impeccable for the intervention and good advice, small downside price increase But what has it not increased this year!!!
Eric SaumandeEric Saumande
16:09 14 May 24
Fast, efficient and very professional
Kévin boutillierKévin boutillier
18:14 07 May 24
Top EcoWater device, the best softener on the market.Aquasoft company with serious skills. I recommend !
christophe LE SAINTchristophe LE SAINT
15:17 07 Apr 24
Nothing to say always very good
christophe LE SAINTchristophe LE SAINT
20:23 05 Apr 24
manuel Barbosamanuel Barbosa
19:13 05 Apr 24
Thank you for the professionalism and seriousness of your teamKeep it up and don't change anything.
alex du 13alex du 13
16:13 05 Apr 24
Very professional and pleasant
Luce PradelouLuce Pradelou
16:15 04 Apr 24
Having recently had a softener installed by this dealership, I am very satisfied with the work accomplished and the result.I only have one regret: not having done it sooner!
Hennion jean-marieHennion jean-marie
07:02 27 Mar 24
Bernard DelomenieBernard Delomenie
06:58 19 Mar 24
excellent service
MEILLAT CatherineMEILLAT Catherine
21:39 14 Mar 24
Francoise SevinFrancoise Sevin
18:13 11 Mar 24
JanelchiM DittoNJanelchiM DittoN
18:12 08 Mar 24
Perfect thank you
Alexandre CologniAlexandre Cologni
17:21 08 Mar 24
Laetitia LiardLaetitia Liard
11:52 06 Mar 24
Laurent PescayLaurent Pescay
17:38 23 Feb 24
A true professional who explains and does.I highly recommend
Dylan NeveuDylan Neveu
17:14 23 Feb 24
Thank you for this quality of service, always up to date follow-up, thank you
Gazeux DominiqueGazeux Dominique
18:41 20 Feb 24
Lionel, always on top and at customer service.
17:24 19 Feb 24
Responsive team, good service.I recommend.
Gregory CastetGregory Castet
17:40 16 Feb 24
Very good exchange and very good advisor because he even adjusted my dishwasher so that it no longer asks me for salt and rinse aid
Guy CoudertGuy Coudert
06:36 15 Feb 24
kindness and efficiency
René RousseauRené Rousseau
23:18 14 Feb 24
Very good intervention
09:19 08 Feb 24
Hervé KHervé K
17:38 07 Feb 24
I can only say well done, time slot respected and even a little early, person who knows what she has to do, in short I recommend
Guy ChevallierGuy Chevallier
08:43 02 Feb 24
christophe CATHERINEchristophe CATHERINE
08:04 02 Feb 24
maintenance is always done on time and a technician who knows her job very well and who explains and answers questionsgreat thank you
Famille GARBAYFamille GARBAY
18:40 01 Feb 24
Berthe SarlatBerthe Sarlat
17:43 24 Jan 24
Perfect thank you 👍
David KADavid KA
23:26 22 Jan 24
Professional, attentive and good advice.
19:28 19 Jan 24
Great service, Super Professional. Well done
Gilbert MondonGilbert Mondon
07:26 17 Jan 24
professionalism and rigor are the company’s strengths.We are very satisfied with the product which fulfilled all our expectations.We recommend this brand because we have excellent service and a very good product.Thank you for your kindness and advice.Good day Sincerely
18:44 12 Jan 24
09:36 12 Jan 24
Aurélie is professional, efficient and smiling!
21:13 11 Jan 24
Very very professional. Take the time to explain it to us. You can call them without hesitation.
Thomas DumontThomas Dumont
20:57 11 Jan 24
Thank you very much for your professionalism, incomparable product quality and thank you for your responsiveness
emmanuelle tackemmanuelle tack
19:58 09 Jan 24
Richard MortonRichard Morton
10:07 09 Jan 24
Polite and very efficient.
m Lm L
05:43 09 Jan 24
Quick appointment, very punctual, to my great surprise it was A technician and I find it great, great contact, very well explained, very professional.
17:42 08 Jan 24
Nadine PernotNadine Pernot
13:28 01 Jan 24
Punctual. Alright
Denis HosteinsDenis Hosteins
07:27 22 Dec 23
philippe roquesphilippe roques
08:13 21 Dec 23
Excellent service accompanied by clear explanations and sound advice.
yves brochardyves brochard
19:30 18 Dec 23
Truly professionals at our serviceRigor, punctuality, seriousness and interpersonal skills
Stephane BonsStephane Bons
17:49 18 Dec 23
Solange MenagerSolange Menager
10:03 15 Dec 23
Sarah LestageSarah Lestage
17:49 07 Dec 23
Perfect, very professional and great explanations
Samuel CosteSamuel Coste
18:01 06 Dec 23
Great contact! Professional !
Suzanne ThomaSuzanne Thoma
16:17 05 Dec 23
Very good service and support. Our water is clear and healthy 😉 thank you
Mike BrewerMike Brewer
16:01 04 Dec 23
As always, the technician arrived on time. She carried out the annual service efficiently and thoroughly, She answered my questions totally and in a pleasant, friendly manner. She was very sympathetic and explained that the machine would be operating less frequently now since my wife had died and that less salt was required.
Didier EricDidier Eric
17:55 01 Dec 23
Bruce IriarteBruce Iriarte
17:56 30 Nov 23
A very professional, smiling lady, nothing to say top.
christophe Girardchristophe Girard
17:44 24 Nov 23
As since last year, very friendly person. And nothing to say about the maintenance. Great company.
Terr'images C.VicensTerr'images C.Vicens
16:08 21 Nov 23
It is Aquasof who has been maintaining my softener for years, the staff who come for maintenance are always the same and remember my installation and make the necessary adjustments and corrections.I really recommend this company
Marie-Paule DuflosMarie-Paule Duflos
17:34 20 Nov 23
Jilann O'NeillJilann O'Neill
13:04 15 Nov 23
The Aquasoft team is very efficient, reliable and, as a bonus, friendly! It's refreshing to feel in good hands when it comes to water - which has to do with health.Aurélie is a pro and took the time to explain everything to me in detail... be patient with the explanations because my first language is English. Thank you Aurélie and Malika!
Philippe LaunayPhilippe Launay
12:38 11 Nov 23
Fast and efficient maintenance visit
Sylvain HubertSylvain Hubert
04:26 10 Nov 23
damien Rheindamien Rhein
19:00 09 Nov 23
Ghislaine CAMPIONGhislaine CAMPION
17:01 09 Nov 23
Very satisfied with the maintenance with a competent and friendly technician.
chantal revardelchantal revardel
16:15 09 Nov 23
very good experience. good explanations and very interesting person.
Mathieu RoussellesMathieu Rousselles
05:04 09 Nov 23
Professional technician, smiling, attentive
Lien SchipperLien Schipper
10:48 03 Nov 23
Fast, knowledgeable, approachable, friendly and they speak English too, what more could a person want.Great service, I highly recommend this company.
Tetoiai SoifranTetoiai Soifran
17:13 26 Oct 23
Getting started after installing a water softener, service done perfectly, good listening and good explanationsOn the phone the service is great
Dominique GUFFROYDominique GUFFROY
08:50 21 Oct 23
09:48 20 Oct 23
The woman who came to service my softener was professional, pleasant and punctual. I am very satisfied with this intervention.
Michelle GrossMichelle Gross
16:29 17 Oct 23
Christine AndréChristine André
19:27 16 Oct 23
I am very satisfied with the maintenance of my device. The service was of good quality, all the functions of the softener were explained to me and the explanations were impeccable. The speaker was very professional, and the communication was very pleasant, I noted a very good understanding of my needs, I therefore recommend Aquasoft.
bernatek mireillebernatek mireille
08:23 13 Oct 23
Patrick DévierPatrick Dévier
11:40 02 Oct 23
Anthony BunceAnthony Bunce
12:50 29 Sep 23
Excellent and professional service and within the time frame laid down. I would have no issue with recommending this company.
Cécile CarleCécile Carle
10:52 28 Sep 23
Jean BaritouJean Baritou
08:41 16 Sep 23
Pierre GrelletyPierre Grellety
16:05 10 Sep 23
Mélanie NeauMélanie Neau
09:37 07 Sep 23
Pauline LafonPauline Lafon
19:49 06 Sep 23
19:23 25 Jul 23

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